Henna Brows

Stay on fleek with our non-invasive brow tinting

Microblading not your thing? Don’t worry, that’s not the only way you can get celebrity-style eyebrows. At Lashhouseaz, we use toxin-free Phoenix henna to tint your brows. You’ve probably filled your brows with a pencil or tried your hand with hair dye before but that never really gets the job done right. That’s where our henna stain solutions for fading brows come in and save the day.

Zero pain and lasting results

While other procedures do require a certain extent of skin penetration, our brow henna treatment is 100% non-invasive. However, this doesn’t mean it’s not effective! This service is perfect for enhancing your brow shape while darkening its color all the same. Unlike permanent makeup, these only last around 1 to 2 months but rid you of the daily hassle associated with penciling.

A promise of quality and professionalism

When it comes to your skin, our artists are incredibly careful with what they use. Rest assured, the henna we put on your brows is 100% safe and certified. It is derived from natural plant dye which is why you don’t have to worry about any skin damage. Once we apply the henna paste, you will feel a gentle soothing effect and the results will be visible as soon as the brow hair is washed and dry.

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