Lip Blush

Luscious lips without any make up

That extra hint of color adds to a perfect casual look but putting on lipstick every day can get a little frustrating. You seek a near-natural blush and with permanent makeup, it is effortlessly possible. At Lashhouseaz, we offer a wide range of lip blush options for our lovely customers to choose from. Whether you want a pigment close to your natural color or wish to go a little darker, we’ve got everything that you need.

Get the perfect lips

Due to sun exposure, chemical damage, and overuse of harmful makeup products, your lips can develop an uneven skin tone. If you’re tired of looking at dull lips in the mirror, let us correct their shade. Our minimally invasive procedure can overline the entire area with a single hue that perfectly complements your skin tone. Plus, if you want fuller lips but don’t like fillers, our service can also enhance the appearance of naturally thin lips.

Comfortable procedures with minimal discomfort

We use the most innovative tools and technologies to apply semi-permanent makeup. Rest assured, our professionals disinfect everything before it comes into contact with your skin and limits the discomfort in every way possible. First and foremost, anesthetic cream is applied to the targeted area for pain subdual. Throughout the procedure, we ensure your convenience and keep you relaxed. Once complete, you might notice some mild swelling but don’t worry as that isn’t a cause for concern. In fact, you should expect the redness to go down pretty soon.

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