Powder Brows

Get fuller eyebrows that last long

Drawing over your eyebrows during a makeup session is perhaps the hardest part of it all. Not only is it difficult to make them look realistic but matching the pencil’s shade to your natural hair color is another ordeal. But why go through the hassle when you can get our safe and effective brow tattoos instead? Our powder brows are a form of permanent makeup that doesn’t wash off once you clean your face.

Choose the perfect powder brow color

While it’s hard to find a matching eyebrow pencil, we guarantee you won’t have the same problem at our clinic. We flaunt an array of shades including brown, blonde, ginger, black, and ombre brows. Needless to say, we do not begin the procedure until you are completely satisfied with your choice.

Long-lasting brow enhancement

So what if you don’t have naturally thick eyebrows? At Lashhouseaz, we draw extremely fine strokes with state-of-the-art tattoo equipment bound to yield amazing results. Our trained specialists embed the pigment into the top layer of your skin using a thin needle to draw on near-natural brows. Once the procedure is complete, we guarantee that nobody will be able to tell whether the strokes are real or not!

Your convenience is our top priority

Beauty and pain sometimes go hand in hand but when you’re at Lashhouseaz, we take the necessary measures to ensure minimal discomfort. Our customers admire how gentle we are and, you too, will barely feel a thing.

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